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Ihuoma Ofordire

is the creator and writer of the webisode series Life, Love, & Hollywood. Born and raised in Washington, DC to Nigerian parents, Ihuoma is the third born of seven children. Though her interest in acting did not spark until the age of twelve, Ihuoma considers acting to be her third love. She insists that her interest in acting evolved from her first two loves: reading and writing. “I used to read about five or six books a week. I read so many great books that I begin writing my own. It helped me to escape my life. I fell in love with these characters that I read and wrote about that I wanted to become them. And from there my love of acting blossom,” Ihuoma stated in a recent interview.

Along with these interests, Ihuoma managed to pursue music, learning the clarinet, and also participating in cheerleading in high school. After high school, Ihuoma pursued a college degree. She is an alumna of North Carolina A&T State University where she received a B.S. in Journalism and Mass Communications. After succeeding in college, Ihuoma made the jump across country to fulfill her dream of acting. She can be seen in the film "The Prey" and the upcoming film "The Cabdriver".

Parallel of pursuing her acting career, Ihuoma also plans to continue her writing and venture into directing and producing.

For more info visit Ihuoma's website at www.ihuomaofordire.com





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